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How to Install a Discourse Plugin for Events

1. Create a new discourse installation for testing

  1. Initialize a new discourse site:

    ds init discourse
    cd /var/ds/
  2. Copy from the original site, but change DOMAIN to the new one (

    cp ../ .
  3. Make the container:

    cd /var/ds/
    ds make

    (It may take a few minutes.)

2. Take a backup from the original site and restore it on the test site

cd /var/ds/
ds backup
ls backup/

mkdir -p ../
cp backup/flossk-2020-07-10-171654-v20200710013237.tar.gz \
cd ../
ds restore backup/flossk-2020-07-10-171654-v20200710013237.tar.gz

Note: For some reason it does not work for the first time. Try it a second time:

ds restore backup/flossk-2020-07-10-171654-v20200710013237.tar.gz

Now we can open the test site and login as admin.

3. Install the plugin on the test site

Instructions on:

  1. Add git clone on the hooks section:

    cd /var/ds/
    cd discourse_docker/
    ls containers/
    vim containers/

    It should look like this:

    ## Plugins go here
    ## see for details
        - exec:
            cd: $home/plugins
              - git clone
              - git clone
  2. Rebuild the discourse container:

    cd /var/ds/
    cd discourse_docker/
    ls containers/
    ./launcher rebuild
  3. Login as admin and enable the settings calendar_enabled and discourse_post_event_enabled.

  4. Try to post a new topic, then click on the gear icon and create an event

4. Clean up the test site

After testing is done, clean up the test site:

cd /var/ds/
ds remove
cd ..
rm -rf

5. Install the plugin on the real site

Follow the steps on the section above, as described on: